Recording & Longitude 2016

Emma Lou and The Agenda Longitude music festival 2016 live gig

We had a pretty busy week. Firstly, we went out to this beautiful studio to record some live videos. It was just outside of Dublin & they had numerous doggies there, which pretty much made my life. One of the songs we recorded was with a certain BP Fallon. We had so much fun. Performing with him was great & the recording went well so it was a pretty good day.

Then Longitude happened. Holy smokes. It was my first time to ever attend a festival & it was the best day of my life! We got to play at the Speakeasy Stage which was so cool. It is a circus-like tent with a lovely characteristic stage & pretty lights. We had a 45 minute set and it just wasn’t long enough. It flashed by so quickly & when we were done all I wanted to do was keep going, playing every single stage.. Someday..(sigh). Honestly, nothing on this earth makes me happier than performing. It is early days for us as a band & so I am still finding my feet as a performer but boy am I enjoying it!

Everything about the day was perfect, it was hot & sunny (highly unusual for Dublin!), my friends were there, I got to see so many cool acts & I even got jellies! Mmmm.. I seriously didn’t even want to leave. But alas, all good things must come to an end. But all is not lost! We have 3 more festivals lined up over the next couple of weeks. The first is the Malahide festival which we are playing next Sunday & the following weekend we have Le Cheile & F.L.A.M.E festival both of which are down in Co. Meath. Super excited for all of those so we have a lot to keep us busy. And it won’t be long until we have those live performance videos back too so stay tuned!

So right now, all is good. I am still dreaming about how fun Longitude was, I already can’t wait for next year! But til then, imma keep on singin’, we got work to do!

Talk soon,