Launch & Gig

Emma Lou and the Agenda Band pic

Aaaagh we did it! We released our EP & played our launch gig!

Everything went so well, the 1st day of release we charted at number 13 on the Irish iTunes chart! That was amazing. I seriously didn’t think anyone except my parents had bought the EP so that was really cool.
We released it for digital download on the 13th & then on the 15th we had the dreaded gig.. dun dun duuuuun… It actually went really well, I guess maybe because we’ve been rehearsing for it so much so thankfully we were fully prepared.

So like I said the gig itself went really well, I myself have a long way to go in terms of performance, crowd interaction etc. So I was a little bit disappointed with that. It’s been a long time since I performed like that so it’ll take a bit of getting used to but I’m sure if we play enough gigs, i just might manage it! We had such great support that night & everyone seemed to enjoy themselves so I guess that’s the main thing!

A few days after the gig, we got to support Interskalactic in the Workman’s club and I must say that was way more fun than our own launch.. uh oh. I don’t know why that was but we all agreed, it was just more enjoyable & relaxed. Maybe because the pressure was off us as we weren’t the main band who was relying on a crowd to show up, which it did by the way! A bloody huge one! They had a massive turn out which was great & the response to our set was equally as great, so happy all around!

I did feel a little stressed after the launch night because practically the whole last year for me has been leading up to that one night so when it finally came & went, it felt a bit strange. But the Workman’s gig was so nice for us to keep us moving. I guess now the hard work really starts & we have to just start gigging everywhere we can so people can hear about us and we can take over the worrrld!

So now it’s back to rehearsal & planning some more gigs & maybe some busking to keep us busy over the summer. I am excitedddd!!

Anyhoo, that’s all for now!

Talk soon,