First Headline Gig & National TV

​Well we’ve sure had an interesting couple of weeks! 

Firstly, two weeks ago on the 8th of September we had our first headline gig! 

It was upstairs in Whelan’s and it went great. There was a friggin’ bus strike on but that didn’t stop us. We got such a great crowd which, because we’re only a relatively new band, was a huge  surprise. We were so happy with how it went and I celebrated the nights’ success by going home and rolling around the floor with my dogs. Standard.

And if that wasn’t cool enough, the following week we appeared on the one and only Late Late show! It was an amazing experience & definitely a milestone for any Irish band. We performed with the man himself BP Fallon and it went great. We were all delighted with our performance and we received some lovely support afterwards. 

Oh and if THAT wasn’t exciting enough… Guess what?? I GOT A NEW PUPPY! We’ve called him Louie and he is hilarious. He’s allegedly a miniature Jack Russell, but he is a rescue so we can’t be too sure what breed he is. He is so funny & my 2 boys have taken so well to him. It took them a couple of days but still! 

Next for us is rehearsing for our next headline gig in The Purty Kitchen in Dun Laoghaire on Nov 4th AND we’re getting ready to get back into the studio to record our next EP…yaaaay!!

So I guess that’s it for now, I can’t even keep up with our recent events! 

I’ll be back to let you guys know how studio & gig rehearsals are going.

For now, I’m off to wrestle a puppy!