Festivals & New Girl

It’s been a while since I checked in via blog so here I am! The last post I wrote honestly took some energy from me so I took a little bit of time for myself afterwards to step back & process all that I talked about. I went to Valencia for a few days with my dad which was lovely. I actually wrote the blog post from there so it was nice to be away and to be able to switch off after I published it online, although a phone interview with the Irish Herald from a sunny Spanish pool bar did make for an interesting holiday afternoon! 

So after a few days of sun & Kindle time, (my fave!) I came home & got back to rehearsals with The Agenda. We played a gig a couple of weeks ago in Fibber Magee’s Dublin which was so fun. Smoke machines & a tipsy audience dancing up a storm at 1am on a Friday morning pretty much makes for the best show ever. It was a really fun gig, which was made even better by getting Subway on the way home, rock n’ roll!

As usual we’ve been rehearsing our lives away, getting ready for some upcoming festivals in the next few weeks, the first of them being the one and only Longitude! There are no words for how excited I am for this show. Our very first festival & it’s gonna be on the Dirty Old Town Speakeasy stage, be there or be square..(yeah I said it!) We have some more festivals coming up after that, including Le Cheile & F.L.A.M.E Festival so that’ll keep us nice & busy for the next few weeks. There is just no feeling like live performing and the festival vibe is gonna be a whole new scene for me so hopefully it goes well & people don’t throw rotten tomatoes at us & demand their money back..Here’s to hoping!

We also have a little surprise that we’re working on this weekend that’ll be out soon so stay tuned for that!

I’m trying to think if there’s anything else worth mentioning, hmm… Oh yeah, I started guitar lessons today. Better late than never they say & I’m pretty much as good as Slash now so… 
That’s all for now! Rehearsals in the morning & I still have New Girl to watch!