Electric Picnic & Rain

Electric Picnic!! Holy smokes what a weekend! Ok so just to be clear I was not cool enough to camp for the weekend. I drove home both nights so I’m not exactly quite the rock star I make myself out to be.

Now that that’s out of the way, we had our BEST GIG ever at the weekend! It was at the Trailer Park stage on Friday night. Seriously it was amazing, the crowd was huge & the response was great. People were dancing away and not because of alcohol nor any other suspicious substances, but because of our amazing music…I swear!

Then on Sunday we played the Salty Dog, AKA creepy shipwreck, stage which was great fun. And again, the crowd was great & they definitely seemed to like what we were doing so woohoo! Happy all around.

And as we are living in Ireland I do feel obliged to mention the fantastic (not) weather. It rained pretty much all weekend. Which I didn’t mind too much because like I said uncool-me drove home after our show Friday night & then didn’t return until Sunday morning. So we missed out on the fun of being rained on for 3 days straight, which in itself has to be some kind of accomplishment no? 

I did manage to stay late (shocker!) on Sunday night to watch a performance by the one and only LANA DEL REY. It was a dream come true to see her live, she is so amazing! We didn’t stay for her whole set cos it was late & we had a long drive (again, Mr Cool over here) But the part of her set that I did see made a HUGE impression on me, and my life has pretty much changed forever.

So there we have it ladies & Gentlebugs! My first Electric Picnic & I survived to tell the tale! Ok so I cheated and didn’t camp but it was my first festival…give me time!

Next up is our Whelan’s gig this coming Thursday the 8th of Sept. There’s a darned bus strike on which will probably put our 5 fans off from even coming to the gig but we shall prevail!

I’ll be back soon to let you know how it goes!