Like many girls born in the 90s, growing up with and aspiring to become one of the Spice Girls was the norm. This was no different from newcomer Emma Lou, who has no qualms in admitting that the ‘Wannabe’ singers inspired her to write her first song at age 7.

Singing along to CDs and partaking in the stereotypical karaoke while away on holidays, Emma was constantly asked to sing in public, for both her incredibly soulful voice, performance and the spine-tingling sensation you get while watching her enjoy what she does best.12370762_1114434195233329_5859245477106131676_o

To release her yearnings for a taste of the music industry, in 2008 Emma Lou decided to create her own Youtube page; the channel now stands at over 850,000 views. It wasn’t until American blogger Perez Hilton found and followed Emma Lou which lead to her receiving what she describes as “some honourable mentions in his cover contests” including a tweet of her Calvin Harris cover song to his 6.2 million followers. Hilton continues to watch Emma Lou regularly, keeping in touch with the rising singer.

Turning her hand to writing original material, the self-taught guitar and keyboard player decided it was time to unleash new and original material. Emma Lou teamed up with NuMu’s producer Barry Murphy, and together they recruited band members Adam Lindsay (bass), Enmanuel Moreno (drums), Richie Jago (guitar), and Kevin Foran (brass), thus becoming Emma Lou & The Agenda.

Emma Lou in vocal booth recordingHer range of influences is undeniably heard through her forthcoming EP (due for release in April 2016), that includes leading tracks and favourites such as Trouble Tonight, S.E.X.Y and Reason.

Emma Lou’s musical touch was steered by her love of the bluesy Etta James, Prince’s funk, with touches of RnB and rap from the likes of Janelle Monae and Nicki Minaj not to mention the jazzy element heard throughout, inspired by the late and great Amy Winehouse.

Now armed with a producer, manager, band and a debut EP, Emma Lou is more determined than ever to have her voice heard, her music enjoyed and her songs shared with music lovers alike.